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Ceremonial opening of Vishnu School

Posted on 25 October 2005 by siva4kids

ImageSiva for Kids Foundation can finally inform sponsors, donors and supporters that the Project Vishnu School is¬†completed in Sri Lanka. Some of you may already have seen the pictures while¬†Vishnu School¬†was being built and also afterwards the finalized building which was possible to view through the “Evaluation” pictures on the gallery of S4K.
The ceremonial opening of Vishnu School building was held on the 18th of October 2005 and conducted from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon in Kalmunai, Ampara district, in Sri Lanka. The former principal of Vishnu School, Mr. Ramasamy Vadivel, was the chief guest to the ceremony to inaugurate the building.
ImageSiva for Kids Foundation would like to use this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to you all who were a part of this very successful project in Sri Lanka.

The beautiful ceremonial opening of Vishnu School was also LIVE at TTN a sri lankan television which provide the activity and happenings of sri lankan people to across the Europe and world.

According to the sources Thursday 20th of October 2005 between 21.00 and 22.00GMT hours the TTN viewers could LIVE follow the ceremonial opening of Vishnu School of Kalmunai, Ampara district in Sri Lanka. You can view the Gallery by clicking here or only the opening ceremony of the Vishnu School.

We also would like to use this opportunity to point out that the work of Siva for Kids Foundation is not completed in the Vishnu School yet while S4K is still busy with the projects of   facilitating the computer room and the library of Vishnu School. Therefore we would appreciate if you could be a part of this project by donate us or help us by buying our postcards.

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A boy and a bike

Posted on 11 September 2005 by siva4kids

ImageThis story is about boy I met in Sri Lanka. Perhaps he is an ordinary boy I would not know because I‘m not from that world, but his story touched me which is why I want to tell you all about his life.

I started noticing him after a few days. His blue t-shirt was more grey from the dust and concrete and sweat was constantly running from his forehead. He was always carrying the heaviest buckets, 2 at a time, and prepared to move when anything needed. He had the lower rang among the bricklayers though they tried to be nice to him from time to time.
His name was M. and he told us that he was 16 years old (though he looks so much younger.) I kind of got concerned about him when I realized how lonely his work must be. Being a child he wasn‚Äòt really treated as an equal by the older skilled workers.He was always expected to do things quicker and better. And how strange that some white people travel half the world to do a similar job to his…


One evening Kajendran who is a Tamil refugee from Denmark (who speaks both Tamil and Danish) spoke with M. and I joined the conversation as well as I could. Apparently, M´s father was unfit for work because of an accident to do with construction, something about a knife in his head; however, the translation may have slightly changed the story. So now, M. was forced to work to provide for his parents and four sisters who went to school and occasionally worked. He was very balanced while he told us this about his realities and smiled when I added questions. And was so shy when we brought the camera, but he was also in the middle of his simple dinner. He had accepted the conditions of his life though he had liked going to school when he had the possibility. He told us without seeming annoyed that it was now too late for him to go to school (how ironic that he was building classrooms).They had moved to another place and the school was now too far away to reach on foot and a bicycle was an impossible wish. Now a bike was an even bigger desire because he had to sleepon the building site far away, whichmeant that he was away from his family for weeks. A bicycle would ease the chances to sleep at home and work nearby.
Kajendran and I looked at each other. The boy‘s wish was so simple and yet so crucial. But to him the 5000rupeesthat it would cost to make the dream come true were count less compared to the 350(ca.3⁄)rupees he was paid pr. day.
That night we talked to the rest of the Danish group, and we told them the story about the boy and the bike. At the end of the week we ask M. to come a long. He felt that something was going on, and after ended work he was hed the dust off at the water tank and changed his dirty clothes. We bought the bicycle he pointed out and after a little thought bagging M. and I wheeled it back a long the main road with all the curious eyes following us. He could not one English word but his smile was also already saying it all.
The bicycle alone probably did not change his life, but I hope it contributed to making his and his family‘s life a little better, and that they know that we did it for solicitude not for mercy. Most of all I hope that M will continue dreaming…

Pictured by Camilla Bj¢rn

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Building of a school in Sri Lankan way

Posted on 30 August 2005 by siva4kids

ImageThe children are watching us with curious eyes. It is difficult to concentrate on the teacher, when 15young Danes together with 20 young Sri Lankans dig holes and carry large stones of granite only a few meters away. Obviously, it is not an everyday event to see pale Europeans working with the sweat pouring off them.

It is one of our first working days at the school, and we are about to turn the schoolyard into construction site. On the road outside the school is a large heap of granite stones, which we slowly move into the schoolyard. We did not have any machines to help us and only a few wheelbarrows, so most of the stones are carried all the way. It is hard work, but we spend the time by learning words in each other‘s languages. It is quite difficult for us Danes, because some wants to teach us Tamil words and some wants to teach us Singhalese words. I am beginning to appreciate, that we only have one language in Denmark.

ImageWe are going to make a new building inside the schoolyard. After the tsunami, the school received many new students, because their former school, which was situated very close to the sea, was destroyed by the tsunami. To make room for the new students, there were some temporary classrooms, but an open shed made of palm leaves or sheet metal is not enough when the monsoon sets in.
In general, the physical conditions are very different from a Danish school. The small, worn-out chairs and tables stand close together directly on either sand or cement floor. Some places the cement is broken, so there are large holes in the middle of the classroom. Everywhere there are small pieces of garbage like paper or plastic. The school has a place for garbage in a corner behind the buildings, but not everything ends up there. Photo:srilankabrigaden 2005 The garbage place is just next to the toilets, so there is a—nice“smell, when you get near this area. Actually, I would not call it toilets. It is nothing but a hole in the earth. There is not even water for washing like the most other places we have been. Even the Sri Lankans from our brigade agree,that these toilets are very bad.
ImageIn spite of the poor settings the children are happy and smiling. They run around playingand make just as much noise as Danish school children. The most brave of them gather in small groups and say —hello“ or —what‘s your name?“ to the strange looking foreigners. When we show an interest in them,they are eager to show us their books and read tous. Every child is wearingaschool uniform. The girls lookvery descent in awhite dress,which ends just below the knees. Often their long hair is arranged in twobraids,soeven girls from the eldest grades look like small schoolgirls. The boys are wearing blue shorts and awhite t-shirt. Both boys and girls are wearingatie. In general the dif-ference in sex is marked very clearly. I don‘t think there is any room for boys playingwith dolls or girls climbingin trees.
In the afternoon school is over,but some of the school boys come backin normal clothes tohelpus with the work. The small,slight boys are working very hard œ toohard sometimes,we thinkwith our Danish view of children‘s work. Iguess most Sri Lankan boys are used tohard workfrom an early age. But the boys alsohave time for fun. They thinkit is very amusingto get aride in the wheelbarrows œ the faster the better.

ImageIt was nice tosee that our workinspired the children todosomethingon their own. It made them apart of the project,sothe school buildingwas not only somethingthat some strangers came todofor them. Iwonder if Danish children would be willingtoworkfreely toget the opportunity togo toschool?Iguess not. In that light Danish children seem very spoiled.
The workwas hard and sometimes frustratingbecause of poor or missing tools and misunderstandings in the communication. Everythingtookmore time than planned,sowe didn‘t have time tofinish the school completely. Even though Ifeel, that we did something useful. Ithinkthe most important was not the result of our physical work,but the result of our presence. The attention we showed tothe school children and tothe community has hopefully given the people there new hope and spirit and made it easier for them torecover from their great losses.

Pictured by Mie Andersen

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Vishnu School in Kalmunai

Posted on 30 August 2005 by siva4kids

Siva for Kids Foundation is now proceeding the project of improving the facilities of Vishnu School Library & Computerroom by funding the needed equipement and materials to furnish and modify the library and the computer room. We also providing audio visual facility to the library.  At the same time to protect the valuable equipments in these rooms there are being floored by cement/tiles and each of the rooms are being Air conditioned to prevent dust accumulation.
General information on the Kalmunai, Ampara District:
This is one of the badly damaged areas by the tsunami. The total population of Ampara district is 112,422. Nearly 94,457 people are living in the Kalmunai division. This is one of of the places where multi ethnic people are living.  According to the census 24,146 Hindus and 66,913 Muslims living peacefully and their mother tongue is Tamil.
Background of school and Kalmunai:
Vishnu Tamil Vidyalayam is the largest school in Kalmunai division. Most of the children from poor families are continuing their primary level and higher level education in this school. But this school situated in a remote area away from the town.
After the Ordinary level examination students are facing difficulties to continue their higher studies in this school with poor facilities. In this difficult situation the students are facing problems in finding extra reading books and other literature to develop the knowledge. The government of Sri Lanka has already supplied ten (10) computers for this school, but still they do not have a proper facility to install these computers.
In this school nearly 722 students (boys 340, girls 382) are continuing their studies in 24 classes and 208 students are continuing primary education and 514 students are continuing higher studies. At present 37 qualified teachers are serving at this school.

Number of direct beneficiaries:
The beneficiaries of this project will be 722 students and thirty seven teachers of this school.

The latest pictures of this project you can view at the gallery of S4K soon.

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Youth Brigade : 33 volunteers, 3 weeks, 1 school, 210 pupils

Posted on 29 August 2005 by siva4kids


ImageYouth Brigade to Sri Lanka: These young danish volunteers went on 8th of July 2005 to Sri Lanka to rebuild the Vishnu School in Kalmunai, Ampara district of Sri Lanka. S4K support these young volunteers on their work by funding the needed financial support for the building materials for the reconstruction of the Vishnu school of Kalmunai.
Name : Mie Andersen
Age: 19
Place: Vejle, Denmark

I am going to Sri Lanka because of the very good reason that this trip can be a big experiance and also that it will make a huge different on those people who lost everything due to tsunami.

I am looking forward to explore the country specially now that we are a team of young people which got the chance to do something which we can tell everybody about our common trip.

Name : Camilla Bj¢rn
Age: 21
Place : Copenhagen (Aarhusian), Denmark

I choosed this project because solidarity with the 3rd world is importent in this days where there is so many people suffering especially after tsunami. Asia is close to my heart due to my previous trip to India and Nepal.

I am looking forward to:
-give/take cultural exchange between danish/sri lankan.
-to be thrown into a cultural different inviroment with a problem to solve.
-to make a different and see the results giving bigger results.

I am not looking forward to:
-come back to the daily life in Denmark.
  Name : Kristian Fjald
Age: 30
Place: Randers, Denmark
Why did I choose this project? Because I want to help the victims of tsunami most of all the children and also want to explore the cultural part of Sri Lanka.
  Name : Lotte Holm
Age: 28
Place: Bjerringbo, Denmark

I choosed this project because I think it’s very importent to think of the others specially after what happend on the december. People lost familie members, houses and schools. Therefore it was the right decision for me to go on a mission like this.I am looking forward to know more about the country and its culture.
Name: Nicolas Jensen
Age: 19
Place: R¢nne-Bornholm, Denmark

I choosed this project because I want to help the people of the country where I am born. After the tsunami there is a big need and I think I can contribute my part of it through this project.

  Name : Silas Jensen
Age: 21
Place : Hiller¢d, Denmark

I choose this project because I find it very importent and exited to help others who do not have anything compare to us in the wealthy society where we can do what ever we want to be frank.
Therefore I find this a great way of helping those who are not in control of their own life special after the tsunami disaster.
  Name : Lars Pedersen
Age: 27
Place : Vanl¢se, Denmark
I choosed this project to help others (maybe it sounds very macho) but if people need help I like to give a helping hand. I hope that this action will show the solidarity of a small country as Denmark to the country and society. This way I hope we can walk towards a good co-operativ future.
  Name : Malene Post
Age: 25
Place : Aarhus, Denmark

Why did I choose to participate on this project? I like the idea of preparation and practial process this is one of the main reason why I choosed it because it is very clear from start to end of this trip. it helps a lot because I already been on a trip like this through MS to India and Nepal in 2001. This time I dont doubt that we would make a big different on the society we are going to give our input too.I am looking forward to the co-operative work with youth of sri lankans and make a positive cultural exhange, which is stabil from the beginning.
  Name : Andreas Poulsen
Age: 18
Place: Roskilde, Denmark
Why? Because this is a very unique experiance, exiting and a fun way to spend your summer vacation. If I can have all the ingridiants and same time helping people who dont have anything then there is no better way of spending your summer vacation then on this trip..
  Name : Maiken Ravn
Age: 25
Place : Copenhagen, Denmark
I choosed this project because I find it a very interesting, challanging to meet people all around the world specially on a cultural exhange way but also at the same time be a part of something constructive. I hope this co-operation spirit will only grow to a solidarity between Denmark and Sri Lanka in the future.I am looking forward to work together with sri lankans by this way showing that they are not forgotten.
  Name : Allan S¢borg
Age: 28
Place : Denmark

I am looking forward to work together with the local volunteers because this is the first time I am going to participate on something very unique and that is to help others. I am sure it is going to be a very exited and productive weeks for both parts.
  Name : Kajendran Theivendram
Age: 25
Place : Holstebro, Denmark

Why did I choosed this project? Because I am born in Sri Lanka, where my roots are in Sri Lanka and I want to show the people, that I have not forgotten the country I ‘ve born in. I was in Sri Lanka last december where all sri lankans youth from all over the world came to explore the country. We went to Mullaittivu the day after the tsunami hit the country and we end up helping the devasted coast of Mullaittivu so this is not something new for me but only happy that I get the chance to help my people on a trip with my fellow danish travellers.I am looking forward to help the school which will benefit the children at the end but as we all know this help is only a drop of what is really needed there, so I hope this is only a start.
  Name : Anja Weis
Age: 23
Place : Aalborg, Denmark
I choosed this project because of my interest for development projects in 3rd world countries thats why I choosed to be a part of in this summer vacation. This trip is impressive because we are going to work together with 18 of local young volunteers where we can learn the cultural and the sorrow after the tsunami. Second factor is to build a school, a symbolic co-operation which will give them a better look on their daily day.

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Project Vishnu School in Kalmunai, Ampara dist., Sri Lanka

Posted on 25 August 2005 by siva4kids

Siva for Kids Foundation’s aim through this project Vishnu School to rebuild a school situated on the Eastern Cost of the Ampara district. This school was devastated during the tsunami and there is therefore a need of rebuilding the school so that the children can continue their education. Presently, the teaching is taking place under some temporary shelters, which aren’t able to last during the monsoon.

Vishnu school was destroyed by tsunami:
Siva for Kids Foundation got the opportunity to support the reconstruction of a tsunami effected school at Kalmunai, Amapara district, in Sri Lanka. The project is a joined co-operation with international none-govermental organisations like MS Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (Denmark), 3F Fagligt fælles forbund (Denmark), NST Next Stop Tamils (Denmark) and Green Movement (Sri Lanka).

Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, the main administrator of this project, has recruited 15 Danish volunteers who will spend their summer holidays in Sri Lanka together with 18 local volunteers, who have been selected by Green Movement. During these three weeks, the 33 young volunteers will rebuild a school near Kalmunai in Ampara district, which was destroid during the tsunami in December 2004.

The brigade participants will work together with local construction workers and during these three weeks they will build a school (architectural drawings and rough budget is attached in the annex).

The brigade will arrive in Kalmunai the 10 th of July 2005 and leave again the 30 th of July 2005. During the workcamp, the brigade participants will be accommodated in a nearby former children’s home (which has been moved more inland due to the fear of a new tsunami) and the volunteers will live here in dormitory style.

The Danish volunteers are paying for their plane tickets and for all brigade participants’ food and accommodation expenses themselves. The costs have been reduced by donations from the union 3F, but the Danish participants are paying about $ 2000 each in order to cover all the above mentioned expenses.

Who will benefiet from this project?
Siva for Kids Foundation’s financial support for the materials of school reconstruction and through this “United Help” the local community in Kalmunai will benefit from the project ‚Äì especially the school pupils who will get a place to receive their education.

The school is situated on the eastern coast in Sri Lanka ‚Äì an area which was devastated by the tsunami in December 2004 and still haven’t recovered materially and even less mentally. Siva for Kids Foundation’s support at the needed time and through the intercultural collaboration with young volunteers from Denmark and different parts of Sri Lanka will help the local community in feeling less neglected by the global community. The presence of the brigade participants will hopefully bring laughter into their lives again. It is part of the plan that the brigade participants of course have daily interactions and play games with the school children and play a role in the daily lives of people in the local community.

The goal is to re-build a tamil school with 210 pupil from class 1 to class 11. the brigade will also help building a fence around a local Singhalese school. But the majority of the days will be spend at rebuilding the Tamil school, which is the most needy.

Development plan

The rebuilding of the school has been requested by the school authorities and local community themselves. It is not something Green Movement or Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke has pushed – the ownership is locally founded. The donation is a small one-off donation which will ensure a good environment for learning and progress for the children.

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Completed | School Vishnu in Kalmunai, Sri Lanka

Posted on 05 August 2005 by siva4kids

vishnu_school_completedWe are very happy and proud to update you all with this delightful news with the latest pictures to confirm the very successful international co-operative project “Youth Brigade to Sri Lanka” to rebuild the tsunami affected School Vishnu Maha Vidhyalayam of Kalmunai, Ampara district in Sri Lanka.

We want to use this opportunity to express our appreciations of the needed support from our sponsors, donors, volunteers and supporters of Siva for Kids Foundation of The Hague. Click here to view the gallery of Project Vishnu School.

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Budget of project Vishnu School, Kalmunai, Sri Lanka

Posted on 05 July 2005 by siva4kids

Budget of the Project Vishnu School are not the only of this project but also the furnishing part where S4K still busy with fundraising to finalize the complete a succesful project with international co-operation beyond races, cultures and borders. A true example of how help can be provided and goals can be achieved with good understanding and communication.
BUDGET – Quantity for the Construction of 80′-X20‚Äù School Vishnu School
Rubble Masonry
Brick Masonry
Structural Steel Work
Colour washing, Painting & Polishing
PVC Pipes
Contingencies – (10%)
Grand Total

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